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Inspire.PNGInitiative Details

Week One

 The initiative will commence in Santa Barbara, California in Summer 2018. Located on the California central coast, Santa Barbara is known as the American Riviera due its stunning location. The city attracts people from around the world including established entrepreneurs and professionals from all industries. The first week of Heritage will introduce the 2018 cohort of women to the city of Santa Barbara and to many successful individuals who reside here.


Weeks Two and Three  


Weeks 2 and 3 of the initiative will take place in Puebla, Mexico where women will participate in a curriculum designed to advance both linguistic and cultural knowledge of the Spanish language and the Mexican culture.

Why Puebla, Mexico?

As we launch this initiative we will begin in the country Mexico. The proximity of the country to the US makes it easily accessible and the perfect host for this initiative. Located in east central Mexico, the city of Puebla offers a blend of traditional and modern life. The city's rich history and importance as a UNESCO World Heritage site make it the perfect setting for Heritage.


The Host  


 Universidad Privada Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) 

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A private university located in the heart of Puebla City, UPAEP is known for its various degrees, certifications programs, and covers all of the education levels in Mexico. The urban campus is composed of several buildings that spread throughout the Barrio de Santiago. The campus is spread throughout the city and is located conveniently next to the historic city center.  


Stemming from the serious ideological -political turmoil Puebla society underwent in the 60’s and early 70’s, UPAEP was a clear answer to a major need formulated by this newly changed society. It filled a great existing void in higher education in the city as well as gave a new value to the essence and mission of university institutions. UPAEP is a university with deep roots in the city of Puebla. It rose from the demands of the people, founded and supported by the society to give support to the development of their great nation from their small homeland.

Mission Statement 

"To create schools of thought and form leaders that change society."

Social Responsibility Policy 

"In agreement with the nature and mission of UPAEP and with the principles and values with which it was born and developed; we assume the commitment to be socially responsible in order to:

  • Get our interest groups involved: Government boards, Personnel, students, suppliers, competitors, government, society and the surrounding community.

  • Create schools of thought in the light of a Catholic inspiration, and to form leaders that transform society, that respect humans in their dignity and freedom, that act in agreement when thinking, speaking and doing and that believe and live values such as solidarity, honesty, love, freedom and justice all with a sense of transcendence.

  • Generate a healthy, safe and working atmosphere, that favors respect, holistic development of people and that prevents discrimination, corruption and bribery.

  • To commit those who work at UPAEP to continuously improve our procedures, as well as the quality of life and the productivity of the people that are part of our community and to ensure the sustainability of the institution.



A Taste of Puebla   




Contact Us

Sonia Martinez                              Christina Chilin

  Creative Director                           Program Director

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