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What is the Heritage Initiative?

Heritage is an initiative that aims to reconnect women from all walks of life to their heritage while simultaneously enhancing skills that will give them the cutting edge in the global market. All people struggle with the fundamental question of who they are. Heritage is a person's past, present, and future and a gift of pride. This gift offers endless opportunities once women understand the power behind their culture. The multinational foundation of this program gives participants the ability to expand their professional and personal contacts across borders. This results in global collaboration with professionals in various fields and the expansion of innovative ideas. The unique initiative will unite two aspects of the global job market: cross-cultural collaboration and the use of one’s heritage as a resource within the professional world. 

The goal of this initiative is build platform with an infinite possibility to grow and the ability to connect women worldwide. Heritage will move to different parts of the world to expand its mission and to connect women in the US to their heritage country. 

Our Vision

To build a platform where women can connect globally and give one another a hand through global collaboration regardless of immigration status. For women to take steps towards reclaiming their heritage, culture, and language. For women to utilize these tools to attain the leadership roles they desire. This initiative strives to ignite, impact, and inspire women to move towards success by utilizing their heritage as asset.                                                                                                                                                                                           

 Initiative Details

Week One

 Located on the California central coast, Santa Barbara is home to some of the most high end establishments in the state. The city attracts people from around the world including established entrepreneurs and professionals from all industries. The initiative will launch in July 2018 with one week of professional workshops and activities in Santa Barbara, California. 


Weeks Two and Three  


Weeks 2 and 3 of the initiative will take place in Puebla, Mexico where women will participate in a curriculum designed to advance both linguistic and cultural knowledge of the Spanish language and the Mexican culture.

Why Puebla?

Located in east central Mexico, Puebla offers a blend of traditional and modern life. The city's rich history and importance as a UNESCO World Heritage site make it the perfect setting for Heritage. Mexico's location makes it an easily accessible country to begin the Heritage platform. Puebla is only second to Mexico City in the number of universities. 


The Host  


 Universidad Privada Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) 

A private university located in the heart of Puebla City, UPAEP is known for its various degrees, certifications programs, and covers all of the education levels in Mexico. The urban campus is composed of several buildings that spread throughout the Barrio de Santiago. The campus is spread throughout the city and is located conveniently next to the historic city center.   



A Taste of Puebla   




Contact Us

Sonia Martinez                              Christina Chilin

  Creative Director                           Program Director




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