The central theme for Academy II was Sustainability: personal, academic, professional and social responsibility. The chosen young women participate in an intensive, transformative program, that tooke place in an international and intercultural context.

The Academy divided into four main areas covering topics from Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Architecture:

  1. Evaluation, modelling and forecasting (quality of life and health);
  2. Technology for registering and monitoring of quality indicators;
  3. Analysis of environmental indicators related to problems of life and health quality;
  4. Analysis of urban situation involving social strategy design (design of social habitat).



 1. Enrich academic competencies for research and project management through workshops, specialized mentorship, individual and group projects

2. Develop soft skills for leadership, self-knowledge, interpersonal relationships, negotiation, etc., through workshops, conferences y direct interaction with role models

3. Develop social responsibility consciousness, through encounters with business leaders, researchers and social entrepreneurs, debates and reflection

4. Stimulate interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, through conferences, visits and face-to-face encounters with young leaders

5. Strengthen the international Innovation Academy Network of Women in the Americas, including the participants, professionals, leaders and mentors 

6.  Motivate graduate studies and leadership roles

7. Stimulate intercultural and diversity sensitivity

 8. Share Mexican culture and history

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