Indigenous Collective

I. Collective


Indigenous Collective is an initiative led by young leaders in their effort to protect indigenous cultural heritage.  The elemental part of forming this collective will consist upon using the latest web technology and communication tools to establish a platform that will connect young indigenous leaders and provide additional guidance and support in the design and sustainability of projects dedicated to the protection of indigenous heritage and traditions.  I. Collective is an organized platform of indigenous young leaders that is soon to be a one-stop shop and link to national and international projects led by organizations in support of the preservation of intangible cultural heritage. I. Collective will use this resource when needing further guidance, exposure and/or additional knowledge from experienced partnerships.  The purpose is to highlight the efforts of indigenous young leaders to attract the attention of entities interested in efforts dedicated to the protection of intangible cultural heritage and professional enhancement including but not limited to participation in national and international delegations focused on the education and awareness of the disappearance of indigenous culture.